Deerhurst Resort

If you live in Ontario and are looking to get away for a weekend this resort is perfect for you. Especially if you are anything like me and have limited time and budget to go down south or Europe. This resort is located in Huntsville in the Muskoka region, about 2 hours away from Toronto. Immediately when you arrive it gives the impression of a well kept resort with several villas, golf courses and outdoor pools including amazing lake views.

We decided to book the summit lodge which is basically an apartment style hotel with a kitchen, living area and separate bedroom. May I add the apartment had 2 plasma TVs! This was a bonus since we kind of had rainy weather and it gave us something to do. Being a City Girl this was a great chance for me to escape the chaos and relax.

I highly recommend this resort, it also includes several on-site restaurants and breakfast is included.

Here are some pictures of what the resort looks like. Also gives you great deals if your looking to book this resort with your friends, family or significant other. imgresimgres-1imagesimgres-2images-1

More of Europe

Here are more photos of me throughout different places in Europe! These pictures are so dear to my heart and they hold so many memories! Every Europe trip I went on I was always backpacking so I had limited stuff on me which was so amazing. I learned that you can still look cute with little amount of clothing options! Take a look..enjoy!

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show ’12

The Angels are getting ready for the VS fashion show 2012. Every year I get super excited to watch it. I am posting this as my inspiration to get super fit before I leave to Jamaica this December for Holiday. I will be in a bikini all week and I want to feel good about myself! Victoria Secret models post tons of videos of their workouts to train before the fashion show, they are amazing!

Stay tuned as I will be posting my diet, health and workout tips!

Here is one of my favourite’s featuring Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima

Summer Vibes

As the weather is getting colder I’m starting to miss those summer days of freedom  so I have been posting many summer pictures and haven’t took new pictures this past month as I am extremely busy with school. I have gotten emails and requests from many of my followers about wanting me to post my outfit of the day or daily looks…I am working on that as I am looking for a good photographer and killer locations for great high fashion quality photos. As a graduate student its hard to find the time but I promise it will happen! so stay tuned 😉

Cinque Terre

More pics from Italy while exploring the 5 most beautiful little villages through Cinque Terre! Love the looks in all these pics and the summer feel to them! Cinque Terre has the most insanely beautiful scenic views when hiking, I highly recommend it. My favourite in particular was Monterroso which offers a stunning beach unlike the other villages that are too high up in mountains..yet still beautiful of course. 

Oh Milano!

This picture was taken in Milan while training from city to city in Italy, I had to share it as it’s one of my favourite outfits worn in Italy while travelling. It’s also extremely comfortable, I am not the type of girl to travel in a savvy outfit with high heels and all that. In my eyes you can still look cute while comfortable at the same time..and of course stylish!

Rome Rome Rome

Here is some photos from my trip in Rome that I adore more than words can explain. Rome is the most amazing place I have been to out of majority of my travels. It has a vibe of old meets new and is filled with pure Italian culture. Various of these pictures were taken at the Colosseum and different piazza’s. My typical day in Rome consisted of lattes, wine, cheese, pasta…lots of pasta, and sightseeing!

Sweet Little Canals

Another beautiful picture taken of myself in Venice. This outfit truly resembles the moment…an out of the ordinary picture perfect moment. This sort of outfit I would never find myself wearing on the streets of Toronto, but in a place like Venice that is filled with culture and romance it seemed ideal. This little canal I stumbled upon was surreal and peaceful. I felt like I was in a scene from Pretty Woman with the hat,little purse and overall “look”.

Who Am I

Welcome to Diana And The City. My personal diary of fashion, travel and music. 

I’m Diana Bozinovic, 21 years old and living in Toronto, Canada. My life is basically a dramatic episode of gossip girl and I’m a socialite staring in it! Anyone and everyone who knows me calls me the ultimate “globe trotter”. If I’m not in Toronto at the trendiest nightclubs and restaurants or shopping on Queen St West than I am definitely packing my suitcase and indulging in what the world has to offer like the finest piece of tiramisu.  I’ve been travelling all over the world alone since I first turned 18 and was able to make my own decisions, whether it was with my grungy backpack with little with me or with a suitcase full of must have clothing, I was reading every page of the world like it was a book. This blog is not just about fashion rather it is about what I have encountered throughout my travels in terms of fashion, music and its cultural underpinnings. I am very fortunate to live in such a beautiful and amazing city such as Toronto, as its currently exploding with the best hot spots and fashion gurus. Follow me and explore my life in the city and around the globe.