Bon Chic Bon Genre

Here is a look of BCBG Max Azria’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection, it is devine. This sneak peak will help you understand how to transition from summer to fall when the weather gets cooler. I think the best advice I can give for selecting your wardrobe is to select pieces that are transferablle throughout various seasons. Sheer assemetric tops, blazers, leather jackets and skirts, belts, silk tops, booties, stiletto pumps…these are the things that become an investment. It is sometimes better to splurge more money on quality pieces that you can wear for years and throughout seasons rather than cheaper clothing that lasts 2 months max.

Check these looks out and let me know what you think. All clothing items shown are BCBG.

bcbg-fall-2013-w724bcbg-maxazria-pre-fall-2013-04_102022582256BCBG+Max+Azria+Fall+2013+Details+s_4ySSNCX0Dlbcbg_max_azria_pre_fall_2013_collection_captures_the_essence_of_istanbul_cnikoBCBGMAXAZRIA - Runway - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


It’s official I am officially the Manager at BCBG Max Azria Bloor St The Bay (Toronto), in the posh Yorkville district.

I am beyond excited and it is an amazing feeling to be doing something I love because it never feels like work. The days fly and everyday becomes more challenging yet very exciting. It is crazy how you work your entire life to find your ultimate career, you build your work experience, your education and than once you are done you hit the “real world”. It’s almost bitter sweet, you get that independence, financially of course but it also becomes an “adult” ritual that you might not escape until you retire…yikes! But I think that is what life is about, its about working hard and rewarding yourself by enjoying what life has to offer. I find the best thing I can do while working is having a positive attitude, it’s amazing how far it can take you.

As for now I am also planning on opening my own business on the side, it will consist of styling for wardrobe/ photoshoots etc and personal shopping. My hope is to inspire women to dress their best and feel their best, whether it is in a professional or personal matter. I am hoping to open up another website soon, or perhaps I can join my company to my blog. Thoughts??

Anyway, I am really excited for what is to come!


Interior Design

So lately I have been cheating on fashion with furniture! As Carrie Bradshaw would say!

My boyfriend and I are on the hunt to find our own perfect little place to live in, we are looking in the downtown Toronto area. Anyway, ever since we started looking I can’t help but think how I want to decorate it…this is all so exciting! My mom who is an excellent interior designer asked me what kind of style I am aiming for. I stalled for a while because I was really unsure, I have always grown up in a very modern home my entire life with contemporary or even future looking furniture pieces. But I also love the rustic look-wooden dining room tables etc. My mom luckily told me that you can easily combine modern with rustic interior design phew!! Here are some inspirational pictures. As you can tell I only like neutral colours. White is my ultimate favourite for furniture combined with neutral tones and grey. Of course wood needs to be added into the equation for my complete look!

I also included a link to one of my favourite furniture stores in Toronto (Liberty Village) called West Elm. They have fabulous modern and rustic furniture/home pieces. Here is the link




Bikini Bod…Game On!


As summer is approaching every girl becomes nervous about ditching  our  puffy safe guard winter coats for teeny tiny bikinis. I am one of those girls!

Lately I have been feeling extremely lethargic and low on energy due to my lack of motivation to be health conscious. However, I can be honest and say that I do have my “healthy” days where I vow to myself to eat healthy. I also always substitute crappy food for healthier choices. I always stick to skim milk, I never add sugar or aspartame to my coffee, I rarely eat white-based carbs (bread, pasta) and if I do I always take the whole wheat  or gluten free option. I used to be a health nut, but lately I am just too tired and too busy to care.

But I do start to care when I have to lie down on my bed to squeeze into my jeans! Did I mention I refuse to buy a new pair? Forget it…my only option is LOOSE THE EXTRA BUDGE!

As I sit and write this blog post I can only think to myself…oh please Diana…give it a day and you will be back in your bed eating chips after a long day. BUT, I promise to try my best to not make my health a chore, rather a priority. I always find that the healthier I eat and the more I exercise..the better I feel to carry out my day without feeling exhausted. So here are some of the tips I will follow to get myself back on track. (None of these tips are to an extreme, they can be easily accomplished) With a kinesiology background..I think I know what I am talking about, however these tips have worked for me personally.

1. Drink a lot of Water

I know ugh everyone says that, but its true. I hate juice and all sugary drinks, especially things like ice caps or highly caloric not worth it! Those calories go straight to your butt! Also its better to save the calories for a healthy balanced meal that will actually fill you up and replenish your body. So water it is! Another good thing about water is it helps you flush out a bunch of toxins! I notice that if you eat junk for a few days..your body is only going to crave it the next day and the day after. If you start eating healthy and drink lots of water it will help you kick the habit by flushing out the toxins you have built in your body that are dangerously triggering you to want more!

2. Stop eating after 6:30 pm/ Eat dinner earlier

Don’t eat late at night. It’s a no brainer. There is no point in eating a few hours before you go to bed. This way you can look forward to a healthy breakfast in the morning.

3. Do minimum of 30 mins cardio/ 5 days a week

Just move your butt. It’s a given. You can take 30 minutes out of your day..come on. We all do it to get our nails done or meet a girlfriend for a coffee or drink. Don’t you think having a fit body overrides a cute manicure that chips in like 2 days? Yeah..I think so! I usually stick to the elliptical for 30 to 40 minutes..its a great way to burn off anywhere from 200-400 calories and it really shows you how hard you have to work your body to burn off a meal (especially a high calorie “bad for you kind of meal”)

4. Stay away from bread, pasta, etc

Even if its “whole wheat” or “gluten free” still feel like shit after you eat it. There is no point and there are many other healthy food options you can eat that are nourishing. The truth may seem as though these pastas fill you up…but all they do is starve your body’s cells from what it actually needs…NUTRIENTS!

5. Eat your veggies and fruits

Do I really need to explain why?

6. Cabbage Soup

And I don’t mean just the cabbage soup diet, although those are great if you are trying to lose some weight quickly for an event or to kick start a more steady/moderate diet. Regardless, its always great to  incorporate a healthy soup into your diet that can flush toxins in your body just like water. Cabbage soup is a really low calorie soup with hardly any fat in it. Plus all the veggies in it are great for your metabolism.

7. Eat eggs! (Egg whites + one whole egg)

Eggs are a great source of protein, especially if you are a vegetarian such as myself (not vegan). However, whole eggs can be high in cholesterol and calories if you eat a lot of them. My go to trick with eggs is to only eat egg whites (egg without yolk) and add maybe one whole egg rather than 2 or three. Egg white omelettes with spinach are my favourite! Spinach also helps burn fat. It’s a great breakfast option, or if you are anything like me, you can eat it for dinner with a side of veggies.


It looks like tiny pasta or even like couscous. But its not, its super healthy and provides all nine essential amino acids. It also contains twice the fiber of other grains which helps with digestion and that feeling of being full and contained. It also adds great substance to your food much like rice but is a much better and healthier option. The best thing about quinoa is it has twice the calcium as whole wheat! Plus it tastes amazing! So yourself a favour and substitute quinoa instead of rice or pasta. There are several recipes I will share in my next few posts that have quinoa.

9. Ditch the alcohol

Most alcoholic beverages are high in calories and they also make you crave junk food, especially if you have a hangover. Just stay away from binge drinking and you will be fine! One glass of red wine is okay..but try not to push it!

10. Be smart

Make a bigger effort at checking labels, looking at the amount of sugar, fat, calories. Making healthier choices. Avocado as a spread instead of mayo, raw almonds instead of chips, homemade hummus instead of salsa. The little things count!

In the next week I will be trying these various tips and will also be making my cabbage soup as a detox method and from then on will stick to a healthy lifestyle for the summer.

I hope to post some of these recipes sometime soon!

xoxo DB

Spring/Summer ’13 Hottest Trends

I was really excited to do a post about my favourite summer/spring 2013 trends. Most looks came straight off the runway but the most exciting part is that they are wearable for the everyday girl. Aka those of us, such as myself that are not models!

1) The Peek-A-Boo Effect

I love this look, it’s really simple yet chic. It also allows a woman to look sexy without exposing too much. It is a definite look I will be rocking this summer as an evening outfit.











2) Black and White

Another trend I adore. I hardly wear much colour, I love to stick to simplicity especially in my field of work, where I must look professional. I think black and white looks good on any girl especially if you have blonde hair it compliments it quite nicely.










3) Crop Tops

I know…this seems a little bit risky! Most woman feel really uncomfortable wearing a short top, lets be honest not all of us even have the time to work out 24/7 to flaunt our abs, nor do we find it appropriate to wear on most occasions. However, I believe that any woman can pull it off with the right attitude and of course something high-waisted, either a high waisted long boho skirt, high waisted pants/shorts or a high waisted mini skirt. The idea is, you can wear a crop top without exposing your midriff as long as you are wearing something high waisted. it just me or are the cutest shirts these days crop tops? So long to the overly long shirts! It’s a hot trend that came back from the good old Carrie Bradshaw days..try it!



4) Bold Sunnies

Love this Trend! I have literally picked up a bunch of different metallic sunglasses with crazy different shapes. Of course I still love to stick to my sophisticated black sunglasses, but in the summer it just seems like a lot of fun to play around with different sunnies to spice up any outfit. I also find the wide range of different sunnies out there today really give women the option to choose frames that suit their face. Forever 21 has amazing options for fun sunnies and they are cheap. If you are anything like me and loose your sunglasses or break them all the time, go for the cheap ones and maybe stick to just one expensive pair that is basic black! My fav expensive pair of sunnies are Celine..check them out!imgres-5


World MasterCard Fashion Week

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure and privilege to attend Toronto Fashion Week to preview FALL 2013 collections from different designers with an industry pass. Having an industry or media pass is always a big bonus because you get access to all things VIP, fantastic seats and of course the ability to get amazing snapshots of the stunning models.

I attended all 5 days of fashion week and it was HECTIC for sure. Between getting ready and running around for my job…I was walking on a fine line. However, it was an exciting week.. experimenting with different hair, make-up , outfits and photoshoots. What more can a girl ask for?

I saw tons and tons of designers collections such as: Joe Fresh, Mackage, Pink Tartan, Rudsak, Vawk, Christopher Bates (who is so handsome), Korhani Home, Soia & Kyo, Ashtiani…any many more!

The greatest part of the entire week is the networking opportunities and the ability to meet such fabulous people who do fabulous things! My ultimate moment at Toronto Fashion Week was when I made it to the TORONTO STAR under street style. It felt really good but weird to open a newspaper I read religiously and see myself on page 2 with amazing designers, models etc.

I mean come on….I’m just a twenty something year-old girl 😉

Front Row Seats!!

Front Row Seats!!


Front Row Action! Loving it!

Front Row Action! Loving it!



Korhani Home...Simply divine.

Korhani Home…Simply divine.


Chloe comme Parris

Chloe comme Parris


Laura Siegel

Laura Siegel


Beautiful venue

Beautiful venue


Matthew Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher



Can't believe this model looked my way...amazing shot!

Can’t believe this model looked my way…amazing shot!



Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh


IMG_0995IMG_1077 IMG_1078

Still can't believe I took this picture...took a lot of focus!

Still can’t believe I took this picture…took a lot of focus!


Toronto Star feature!

Toronto Star feature!


Post-show cuddles with the boyfriend

Post-show cuddles with the boyfriend


My Day 3 Outfit

My Day 3 Outfit


At the Thompson Hotel for 7 for All Mankind Party!

At the Thompson Hotel for 7 for All Mankind Party!



Me in the Toronto Star on the bottom right corner. Featured with Pink Tartan and Bustle models!

Me in the Toronto Star on the bottom right corner. Featured with Pink Tartan and Bustle models!

Hope you enjoy my personal photos of World Mastercard Fashion Week!

xoxo DB

Halloween ’12

My Halloween costume this year with my boyfriend was Pirates of the Caribbean, my boyfriend was Jack Sparrow and I was Elizabeth! I think we did a pretty good job;) I also posted last year’s costume which is me as Sandy from Grease! From Blonde to Brunette…quite the change. I wonder what next year’s costume will be? Any ideas?

Summer Vibes

As the weather is getting colder I’m starting to miss those summer days of freedom  so I have been posting many summer pictures and haven’t took new pictures this past month as I am extremely busy with school. I have gotten emails and requests from many of my followers about wanting me to post my outfit of the day or daily looks…I am working on that as I am looking for a good photographer and killer locations for great high fashion quality photos. As a graduate student its hard to find the time but I promise it will happen! so stay tuned 😉