Cinque Terre

More pics from Italy while exploring the 5 most beautiful little villages through Cinque Terre! Love the looks in all these pics and the summer feel to them! Cinque Terre has the most insanely beautiful scenic views when hiking, I highly recommend it. My favourite in particular was Monterroso which offers a stunning beach unlike the other villages that are too high up in mountains..yet still beautiful of course. 


Black and White

I love black and white pictures especially when wearing a little black dress. Every girl should own tons of black dresses as it’s easy to accessorize and is extremely flattering on any figure. Go get your black dress girls and feel sexy!

Oh Milano!

This picture was taken in Milan while training from city to city in Italy, I had to share it as it’s one of my favourite outfits worn in Italy while travelling. It’s also extremely comfortable, I am not the type of girl to travel in a savvy outfit with high heels and all that. In my eyes you can still look cute while comfortable at the same time..and of course stylish!

Rome Rome Rome

Here is some photos from my trip in Rome that I adore more than words can explain. Rome is the most amazing place I have been to out of majority of my travels. It has a vibe of old meets new and is filled with pure Italian culture. Various of these pictures were taken at the Colosseum and different piazza’s. My typical day in Rome consisted of lattes, wine, cheese, pasta…lots of pasta, and sightseeing!

I love my city!

Love these ¬†photos taken of me in Toronto. I think it’s nice to admire your own city as if your a tourist! The one at the very top is at the Ritz Carlton downtown Toronto, the second photo is literally right in front of the CN tower and the third photo is an amazing rooftop view from my sister’s condo facing King St West. Pretty amazing…..

I got it from my Mamma!

These two pictures are ones I will forever keep close to my heart. My mother and I in the first photo when I was just 2 years old and the second photo is us at my university graduation this year. As you can see even at two years old I was dressed to impress…thanks to my mom aka my stylist and my biggest inspiration in everything I do. I was such a little hipster baby!