Who Am I

Welcome to Diana And The City. My personal diary of fashion, travel and music. 

I’m Diana Bozinovic, 22 years old and living in Toronto, Canada. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Kinesiology and Psychology from York University and currently a graduate student at McMaster University studying Public Relations/ Communications.  I have a unique passion for business and public relations which is my driving force on a daily basis. I’ve been travelling all over the world alone since I first turned 18, whether it was with my grungy backpack or with a suitcase full of must have clothing, I was living and travelling every part of the world like it was a book, slowly flipping through each page waiting for the next plateau to happen. My philosophy in life is to understand all perspectives of it. You will either see me in high fashion clothing at the trendiest places or you will see me wearing ripped jeans just chilling out, but I always observe and try to understand different lifestyles and what they mean. This blog is not just about fashion rather it is about what I have encountered throughout my travels in terms of fashion, music and its cultural underpinnings. I am also very fortunate to live in such a beautiful and amazing city such as Toronto, as its currently exploding with the best hot spots and fashion gurus. Follow me and explore my life in the city and around the globe. I will share with you beauty, fashion, travel, music, health and all my go to tips. Overall, I am just a twenty something year old girl trying to make it and survive in the big world. 


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