Interior Design

So lately I have been cheating on fashion with furniture! As Carrie Bradshaw would say!

My boyfriend and I are on the hunt to find our own perfect little place to live in, we are looking in the downtown Toronto area. Anyway, ever since we started looking I can’t help but think how I want to decorate it…this is all so exciting! My mom who is an excellent interior designer asked me what kind of style I am aiming for. I stalled for a while because I was really unsure, I have always grown up in a very modern home my entire life with contemporary or even future looking furniture pieces. But I also love the rustic look-wooden dining room tables etc. My mom luckily told me that you can easily combine modern with rustic interior design phew!! Here are some inspirational pictures. As you can tell I only like neutral colours. White is my ultimate favourite for furniture combined with neutral tones and grey. Of course wood needs to be added into the equation for my complete look!

I also included a link to one of my favourite furniture stores in Toronto (Liberty Village) called West Elm. They have fabulous modern and rustic furniture/home pieces. Here is the link